Cellu-Attack by ATACHE is a powerful anti-cellulite serum used in the treatment and elimination of the so-called orange peel texture or adipose tissue. The serum’s formula triggers a fat-burning process and significantly diminishes the aesthetically unpleasant effects of cellulite.

The active ingredients found in Cellu-Attack tighten the skin, leaving it firm and well-toned. Recommended by the professionals at Renew Skin & Health Clinic, the corporal care line by ATACHE manages to efficiently reshape and revitalize the body, regardless of skin type. The anti-cellulite serum offers immediate results and after just a few uses the skin is visibly more toned and smooth, with the problematic areas affected by cellulite significantly improved. Use other ATACHE products for best results, such as Light Skin. The gentle exfoliation gel with Jojoba particles will prepare the skin before using Cellu-Attack, allowing the anti-cellulite serum to work its way better into the skin.