Concealers have long been used for covering up dark circles underneath the eyes, freckles, spots and other skin imperfections. Its main purpose is to divert the attention from the affected areas by concealing these imperfections and highlighting certain areas such as the cheekbones, nose, forehead, etc.

Which one to choose?

There are different kinds of concealers, such as stick concealers, liquid concealers, matte-finish liquid concealers, matte-finish cream-to-powder, creamy liquid concealers and cream concealers. You may choose one that fits you best depending on your skin type, tone and preferences. When searching for an adequate concealer, aim to buy one that has a similar tone to your foundation, only one or two shades lighter. Avoiding to do so, you will have uneven tones and colors which won’t offer you an effective cover-up.

How to apply?

Begin by applying the chosen concealer underneath the eye area to mask the dark circles and small veins surrounding the eyes. These appear as the skin surrounding the eye is a lot thinner as compared to the skin covering the rest of the face. Therefore, small veins, slight discolorations and shadows caused by the surrounding bone structure can significantly change your appearance. The chosen concealer should be maximum two shades lighter than your foundation and should be light enough to be blended either with the finger or with a sponge.

Always apply the concealer first and then the foundation. Once you’ve applied the foundation, you may add a hint of blush or face powder. After applying the concealer, gently pat the area onto which the concealer was applied with a sponge, blending it evenly into the skin. Do not use harsh movements and do not pat too hard, as this can inevitably wipe away the concealer. You may apply concealer to other areas, such as directly onto spots or freckles, as well as pimple scars. Always blend the concealers into the skin so as to prevent uneven, white spots. The trick is to insist on blending the edge of the concealer so it isn’t noticeable next to the bare face, onto which no make-up was previously added.

Products such as Cle de Peau Beaute Concealer, Clinique Continuous Coverage SPF 15, IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye and Origins Quick, Hide! Concealer are ideal for masking imperfections and helping you attain a natural-looking, flawless face. They all dry fast and assure a long-lasting stay for a perfect make-up!