The solution against the first signs of skin ageing and tissue damage is offered by the professional cosmetic line ATACHE. The double chin skin lift solution aims to rejuvenate the skin and helps it regain its elasticity. The loss of collagen, the advanced age, the harmful effects of UV light and free radicals dramatically affect the aspect of the neck’s skin. The home skin lift therapy cream Performance Neck Solution, enriched with important active ingredients provide the skin moisture with shock effect, meaning that the results are immediate.

The double chin and neck skin tightening treatment with proffessional ATACHE products not only improves the appearance of the chin and neck skin by making it firmer, but also ensures positive results for facial contour definition. By stimulating the cellular structure, new collagen production is triggered, making the skin luminous, flexible and rejuvenated. As ATACHE products are used on a regular basis, you may visibly change the aspect and texture of the skin, avoiding such costly and dangerous necessities as surgical treatments. The Performance Neck Solution product is available and sold at the Renew Skin & Health Clinic, its main distributor being A1 Scientific Cosmetics. The simple method of applying the long-lasting skin lift serum provides noticeable and immediate results. By simply massaging the cream into the skin, the important vitamins and oils are absorbed easily, leaving the skin fuller, softer and glowing. Say goodbye to the double chin and saggy or wrinkly neck skin!