Energizing foods or popularly referred to as “super foods” are capable of offering your body the right amount of nutritious elements and even alleviate some medical conditions. Many are famous due to their cancer-fighting properties or ability to prevent and treat Alzheimer disease. Unlike other types of foods, the ones we’re remembering here have a much greater nutritional value than the others. An essential step in becoming healthier is making the best choices when it comes to what goes in your mouth. Although it sounds rudimentary, there’s actually more than what meets the eye and energizing foods are essential in a well-balanced diet.

Coconut Oil

Famed for its versatility, coconut oil has long been present both in culinary use and in beauty treatments. When used internally, coconut oil has been shown to improve cholesterol, burn fat and treat various ailments, viruses and cure heart disease. A vegan alternative to butter, it is essentially one of the best and healthiest fats, able to provide our mechanism with important nourishment.


These small, rounded berries are truly magical! Considered by thousands of Nutrition Doctors as a key element in the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer disease, blueberries rank high with an important amount of antioxidant properties. Their composition allows them to rejuvenate brain cells, thus slowing down the process of ageing.


Kale is made up of valuable nutrients, (vitamins, minerals and fats) that are necessary for having good health and high levels of energy. The amazing anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-lowering properties of kale make it a favorite food item among many people, who choose to eat it in salads, soups, as a side dish or smoothie.


Rich in Magnesium, monounsaturated fats, Iron and Potassium, almonds are an essential oleaginous superfood. Almond oil and butter are of great use in the kitchen and aside from providing amazing taste, they are an important source of nutrients that help fight against anemia, skin disorders and stress-related conditions.

Ginkgo Biloba

The Ginkgo Biloba herb has been around for a considerably lengthy period of time. It has been primarily used for its wonderful antioxidant properties and ability to rejuvenate the mind and spirit. Ginkgo Biloba is especially loved by students and people engaged in studying activities as it enhances the functions of the brain and boosts memory. Consumed as tea or taken as a supplement, Ginkgo is known as a powerfully energizing herb.

The important vitamins, minerals and fats found in these “superfoods” revolutionized the world ever since their discovery. As Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine”, these particular foods have the ability to prevent and treat various conditions, disorders and diseases that are often hard to pin down, as they are intriguing in nature. Along with many others examples, coconut oil, blueberries, kale, ginkgo biloba and almonds are packed with deliciously nourishing components for the mind and body.