C-Vital Therapy pertains to the scientific cosmetic line ATACHE. Comprised of a powerful, long-lasting skin lift serum, the C-Vital cosmetic line contains an essential formula which aims to prevent premature ageing, offering immediate wrinkle reduction. The eye contour cream rich in antioxidants confers the eye skin rejuvenation, luminosity and elasticity.

The specially designed eye contour cream is recommended in the treatment of expression lines and wrinkles. Signs of fatigue are significantly diminished and the skin gains firmness, along with immediate wrinkle reduction. The multivitamins present in the eye contour cream protect the sensitive area of the eyes, shielding it against free radicals.

Before applying the Eye Contour cream and beginning the ATACHE home care treatment, make sure that all traces of make-up are removed and that the face was washed with a delicate cleanser. Apply the cream in small doses above and underneath the eye, blending it within the skin. The circular movements will allow the skin to efficiently absorb the cream’s important formula. Renew Skin & Health Clinic recommends the use of Atache products and its professionals have long been using the cosmetic line for treating  the effects of skin ageing.