I am sure everyone is curious at some point on what others carry in their bags. Without knowing, we may be carrying the same things, with small exceptions new mothers, psychos, and thieves (they get out of the house and come back with everything). If we are to talk only about women’s bags, then here are some articles that should be found in most of them. Men’s bags are either half empty or just don’t exist at all.

Some ladies seem to be real magicians when you see what on earth they can pull out of a tiny bag. It’s true, when you leave your house for several hours, you never know if you need something in the middle of the street, like when you sneeze or if you have a date or a meeting.  Women have developed a habit of always carrying a bag with them, don’t you feel weird if you go out of the house with your hand empty or your shoulder uncovered?

To start with, everyone should have with them their ID card or driver’s license, their keys, some money and their personal phone. Moving on, we should include in our purse some tissues (both wet and dry), if you can, some hand sanitizer, chewing gum, lipstick and highlighter. The next step is to bring along a compact mirror, some aspirin or any pills that you use in case of emergencies, small band aids, a tampon or pad, as we most know, they are essential in case of surprises. Till now, these items are not very big and can fit into a medium-sized hand bag. If you have a bigger bag, then feel free to take with you some deodorant, roll-on perfume, headphones, a small comb, hydrating hand cream, nail file and clippers, maybe some hair accessories, sun glasses and a notebook with a pen.

Furthermore, there are also moments when we feel the need to take more…and more. So here is what you would want to take with yourself but you have no more possible space: more sweets (well…yeah), water, a spare blouse (you never know), nail polish, bigger umbrella, a tooth brush, a book, a mini flashlight and some coffee or energizers. And maybe if you live in a more dangerous zone, a Swiss knife. Just joking!

Even so, we tend to become quite possessive with our bags and don’t let others take any peek or even fetch for us anything from it. This may indicate something not necessarily regarded to the value of the bag or what’s inside, but what this says about us as people. Are we too insecure? Are we afraid or paranoid that the others may judge us for what they’ll find inside the bag or are we just too possessive with our stuff and don’t trust people and friends aroud us enough.

I am sure that the bag which everyone wishes to have is Hermione’s bag (from Harry Potter). Wouldn’t it be nice to have enough space to keep an entire huge tent with all the necessary needs?