A hair care routine that is deemed good is one that is simple and effective. By dismissing popular myths, using adequate tools, products and following proper hair maintenance tips, you will be able to have your hair looking great with a quick and fun routine!

No. 1 – Less hair teasing, less chemical treatments

The more chemical treatments your hair undergoes, the more prone to damage it will be. Say no to frequent hair-dying, highlighting, perming or straightening. These dry the hair, by stripping it of its natural oils, it promotes split ends and takes away its natural shine and silkiness. Remember to use a heat block protective spray during blow drying or straightening your hair.

No. 2 – Stay away from junk food

By choosing to avoid high fat, sugary junk food or overly processed food items, you contribute to the improvement of your overall health. This, in turn, offers you dramatic results. The vitamins, minerals and fiber found in a healthy diet, along with enough sleep and stress reduction increase hair growth and give you fabulous looking hair and a healthy scalp!

No. 3 – Have frequent trims

Frequent hair trimming helps remove damaged hair strands and prevents the appearance of split hair ends! If you’re aiming to grow your hair, keep in mind to trim the ends of your locks every 2 to 3 months to keep them in shape. Your barber or hair stylist can assess how often you should have your hair cut, depending on the products and treatments you use on your hair.

No. 4 – Stay cool!

Hot showers are wonderful, as well as sauna visits, yet heat wreaks havoc on your hair. The best alternative is to use slightly cooler water when washing your hair, letting the pores of the hair strand close. In doing so, you prevent your hair from dehydrating or stripping its natural oils.

No. 5 – Careful with tight ponytails or hats

Men are prone to bald spots or losing their hair, but you should really pay attention to just how tight your ponytail or hat are for your scalp. “Traction alopecia” refers to a condition in which the hair is being pulled from the scalp, due to continuous force applied through the aforementioned mistakes, i.e. a tight ponytail or hat. The results can be breakage of hair or bald spots, sometimes irreversible.


Last but not least, keep it simple!

Tip no. 1: Use hair products which respect your hair type, a solid shampoo and conditioner can work wonders!

Tip no. 2: Abstain from using too many hair styling products, as they make your hair look greasy and overly stress the hair strand.

Tip no. 3: Use a natural hair comb. Plastic hair combs or brushes should be excluded, as they promote frizz and can break the hair.

Tip no. 4: Drink water, up to eight glasses a day. It keeps both your body and hair hydrated and by purging away the toxins from your body, you are left with healthy looking, natural hair!