Short introduction/description: The new 2015/2016 Fall Season brings us some healthier and more glamorous tendencies, specially meant to give you a nicer and younger look. The big fashion designers suggest us reconsidering the pixie and the angled bob haircut, as well as the “mermaid” waves, all of which represent the biggest trends this season. This fashion inclination to the classic time periods as the 60’s or the 90’s promotes healthy and versatile haircuts and styles, meant and conceived for all the women – blondes, brunettes and redheads.

Get ready for the cold season with a change of look! Begin by chopping away the chlorine and sun affected streaks of hair and ensuring a youthful, more lovable look! From funky pixie cuts and angled bobs, to wavy hair and cute fringes, the Fall/Winter 2015-2016 hair trends promote healthy, glamorous hairstyles. The runways displayed bold haircuts and reminisced of classic time periods – the 60s Twiggy style, the grungy, messy look of the 90s. Fendi, Chanel and Prada popularized the accessorized look of using fancy hairpins and headbands and Balenciaga brought back the ballerina bun! Whichever the look, this year’s Fall/Winter season will for sure sweep you off your feet and make you think about the state of your locks!

1  The Pixie

The delicate and sensuous pixie, as seen worn by actress Michelle Williams is loved by many. Easy to be worn, fun and youthful, exaggerated into a complex style by Jean Paul Gaultier, Givenchy and Rag & Bone, the pixie is a dramatic haircut that’s going to wake up your enthusiasm for the new season!

The Angled Bob2

As seen worn by actress Jennifer Aniston, the angled bob is always fashionable and romantic. Either parted on the side or in a Zig-Zag part, it sure attracts the onlookers and sweetens your features. Quite versatile, it suits both brunettes and blondes, making redheads central to the spotlight, adding up some flare into the air.





Mermaid Waves3

Stunning actress Kate Hudson rocks these lovely “mermaid” or “beach” waves, natural and fairy-like. Worn in the grungy or wet look style, the mermaid waves are easily attained by using a flat or curling iron and a bit of mousse or by twisting sections of damp hair and clipping them up, letting them air dry (no heat method).