Truth be told, there are no “tricks”, nor are there any spells which can turn you into Brad Pitt overnight. Weight-loss and diet planning require determination, patience, time and dedication. Whilst undergoing this process, it’s essential to keep your calm and have healthy, reasonable expectations. Strive to improve yourself, not to become somebody else or something that you’re not. The following list will offer you some advice on how to attain a better image and most importantly, better health!

No. 5 – Cut back on binge eating and mindless “snacking”

It’s true that we rarely have the time to pay attention to our diet or culinary choices, but it’s of utmost importance to mind what we are putting into our mouths. Mens sana in corpore sano, the renowned Latin phrase which literally translates to: A healthy mind in a healthy body, clearly highlights what should come as a priority for us. Firstly, instead of indulging in those vending machine snacks or nibbling on salty sticks, pretzels, chips, etc., learn to make smart choices, in order to avoid bad calories and weight gain. Take something frorm instead, at least.

Tip: Learn to work with a meal planner

Here are some healthy alternatives:

  • Sandwich for lunch (.e.g. 1. whole wheat bread, guacamole, tomatoes, oregano; 2. Graham bread, low fat peanut butter, lettuce, feta cheese or 3. Whole wheat, nut & seeds bread, arugula, olives, tomatoes, veggie sausage, brie cheese and a drizzle of olive oil!)
  • Snack : banana/ a couple of unsalted, raw almonds/ fiber enriched, low-fat yogurt/ protein shake
  • Salad (low-fat dressing or no dressing)
  • Don’t forget about WATER! You have to stay hydrated!

No. 4 – Do some exercise

Have frequent walks. Walk to work. If you’re having a hard time doing that, park a couple of yards away from your office or home and take your time. Hum a funky chorus whilst listening to your favorite artists playing on your iPod. In order to lose weight, you must combine exercise with healthy culinary choices. Burn more calories by jogging every once in a while, either in the morning or late evening, depending on your schedule. Some parks benefit of exercise equipment, which is great for the frugal ones who wish to save up money, since some gyms are quite costly!

No. 3 – Enough with the sauce!

You might be used to hearing the questions: “Do you want some sauce with that?”, “What’s your dip of choice?”, “Do you want a dressing for your salad?”

Ketchup, mayo, ranch sauce, BBQ sauce, etc. are high calorie condiments, packed with preservatives, refined ingredients, fat and sugar. Replace them with healthy alternatives, like olive oil + oregano/basil, organic salsa sauce, homemade pesto, guacamole, hummus, chutney, etc.

No. 2 – Follow a schedule

Work with a meal planner, follow a schedule and prevent binge eating. Have healthy foods, fruits, veggies, cereals, etc. Eat seasonal foods and avoid too many imported items. Never skip breakfast and allow at least a 2h break between serving dinner and sleeping. Still, specialists suggest abstaining from eating anything after 7pm or 8pm.

No. 1 – Learn to use a  blender

The best investment you could ever make is buying a good blender! With it you can make various smoothies and healthy, natural detox drinks. Remember to wash it between uses, passing it through hot water or soaking it in dish soap, avoiding the formation of crusty food particles.

So, there you have it! By following these steps and remembering to put your health before anything else, you will manage to shed off some pounds and not only look, but feel healthier! Each step matters, every day you’ve got a brand new set of opportunities!