If any of you ladies have been pondering the idea of going vegetarian, or want to start a vegetarian diet, I just want to say that it’s amazing. I found this site that offered me a complete meal plan for 28 days, I was sceptic at first but besides losing close to 8 pounds, I also felt cleansed, like a sort of detox. It didn’t feel quite like a diet, I actually enjoyed the diverse meals and the delicious combinations. I also tried to do some exercises along with the vegetarian diet when I had some free time.

It is amazing because you can set your weight, and choose if you want to maintain your current one, lose 1 or 2 pounds per week. Also you can choose between three types of diets, based on calorie count; you can either do one of 1200 calories per day, 1500 or 1800. You have a different meal every day and there are only veggies, fruits, greens, and light dairy products. You do have to enrol as a member on the site, but you can choose not to receive any emails from them, which is great because it puts no pressure on me and it is not as annoying.

You also get the recipe for each item that is not self-explanatory and it doesn’t starve you, you have 4 meals a day, the traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner and also a snack between lunch and dinner.

I’ll leave the link here, and hope you enjoy and benefit from the vegetarian diet as much as I did.